The six golden keys to successful identity assurance

When someone tries to access your internal systems, how can you be sure a user is who they claim to be? We live in an age of cloud computing and enhanced mobility, with many employees working on the go.

At the same time, dedicated threat actors will often do anything they can do access an organisation’s systems and gain access to sensitive data.

In the past, those organisations would use authentication systems that came part-and-parcel with a one-size-fits-most mentality. Those systems often traded security and usability against each other.

That doesn’t work anymore. Today’s organisations should refresh their approach to authentication from a one-time event to continuous monitoring of users and what they are accessing. In broad terms, this is called identity assurance.

There are six key elements you need to consider when you modernise your approach and start applying a risk-based approach.

Compiled by leading security firm RSA, this white paper will take you through those six key elements in an informative and easy-to-digest format. Here’s a teaser of the first element:

Business context. This includes the who, what, and where regarding any access request. This could include the person, the data, and the environment. Is the person an IT administrator with limitless access? How do you apply appropriate security and assurance to that type of access?

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