Apple to host iTunes libraries in the cloud?

22 Jan 10

Apple’s acquisition of music-streaming service Lala late last year has many speculating that the company may be looking to host the music libraries of iTunes users on external servers.

Lala already allows users to upload their own music collection to its centrally located servers, which then allows users to theoretically access their music from any internet-enabled computer with a fast enough connection. Such a service does much to dissolve personal memory issues and is also seen by record labels as a possible means of circumventing piracy. However, there are also loss-of-quality issues and difficulties pertaining to the connection quality of the device attempting to access the servers that could prove to be potential hurdles.

There are also unconfirmed rumours that top Apple executives have discussed the possibility of a cloud-based iTunes server that would offer a similar service to that currently employed by Lala. Some commentators are picking that such a service might be among the iTunes related announcements at Apple’s upcoming special event next Thursday (Wednesday US time); the same event where many believe Apple’s supposed tablet computer will be unveiled.

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