Auckland Uni server under threat

24 Apr 13

The University of Auckland has fallen victim to a hacking attack, with "unauthorised parties" gaining access to its arts server.

Warning users of the risk, the breach could affect up to 4500 students within the university - with enrollment and scholarship applications potentially accessed.

"Expert forensic analysis has been undertaken in an effort to determine the nature of any data accessed on this server," a university spokesperson said.

"Unfortunately, this testing is inconclusive and while there is no evidence that the information was accessed, it cannot be ruled out."

Urging students to air on the side of caution, the university requested anything untoward be reported immediately.

"The university also suggests that you carefully monitor activities based around your identity in the unlikely event that there is an attempt by those who gained access to the server to use this information in a malicious way," the spokesperson said.

Following the breach, the server has been subsequently isolated while the university carries out an investigation - with updates to follow when they come.

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