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Avaya co-builds specialised communications platform with nonprofit organisation

07 Oct 2019

At a special ceremony at GITEX Technology Week 2019, Rashid Centre for People of Determination chief executive officer Mariam Othman launched the foundation’s communications and collaboration platform for special needs institutions, co-developed with Avaya Holdings Corp.

The solution helps streamline communications between staff, students and parents, thereby elevating learning experiences, enhancing student safety, and simplifying administration.

“It has been our vision to use technology to elevate the quality of education and care that we provide to this inspiring segment of society. We thank Avaya who have partnered with us to design a unique solution that makes our vision a reality,” says Mariam.

The new platform helps make remote learning and virtual classrooms a reality and helps to enable high-quality video collaboration between staff and parents ─ all while reducing the institution’s communications-related operational expenses.

With inbuilt fleet management, the system can efficiently track school buses in real-time, giving parents peace of mind while their children are being transported to and from the center.

Appealing to the technology industry to make ‘accessibility for all’ a guiding principle in solution design Avaya International president Nidal Abou-Ltaif says, “Communication is at the core of the human experience and we believe it should be a fundamental right for any individual, irrespective of their abilities.

“Our work can only be considered as true progress when it delivers equality of experience for all. While Avaya remains firmly committed to championing this cause, it is my sincere hope that our industry peers will also rise to the challenge and embrace accessibility by design so every innovation can have the potential to benefit all segments of society.”

About the Rashid Center for People of Determination

The Rashid Center for the determined ones is a non-profit organization established in 1994, dedicated to the education of children and adults with special needs.

Through its accumulated experience, it has been able to develop its therapeutic and rehabilitation programs in accordance with scientific theories and practical applications, drawing on the expertise of its staff from different nationalities and cultures, to meet the students’ individual needs.

Its student intake consists of approximately 40 different nationalities.

The vision of Rashid Center has been and will continue to be one of supporting inclusion and for its students to be embraced within the community through cultural, artistic, sports and environmental activities.

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