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Boomi highlights four customers leading in digital transformation

Boomi has announced the winners of its annual customer awards, recognising companies in USA, Canada, Europe and APJ for accelerating business outcomes with transformative projects on the Boomi Platform.

More specifically, the annual Boomi Blue Challenge awards recognise customers have showcased how they’ve used Boomi’s data integration platform to unify data, applications, systems, processes and people during the past year and digitally transform their business.

Boomi chief customer success officer Michelle Wideman says, “Boomi’s more than 10,000 customers are driving innovation across their respective industries to achieve digital modernisations and drive better business outcomes.”

“The four winners of the 2019 Boomi Blue Challenge, illustrated that a comprehensive, cloud-native integration platform is a valuable strategic asset. The winners are true digital leaders,” says Wideman.

Boomi Blue Challenge winners effectively manage complex data challenges and lead strategic projects within their organisations, from projects focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) to projects establishing data governance compliance, Wideman states.

Each organisation has shown significant improvement in productivity, ROI, and more. Across four regions (United States of America, Canada, Europe and APJ), winners were evaluated on judging criteria that includes transformational impact, creativity and innovation, scope and complexity, and social impact.

This year’s winners are:

GlobalFoundries - APJ

GlobalFoundries, a semiconductor manufacturer, chose to partner with Boomi to address several IT challenges that hampered its ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Boomi enabled GlobalFoundries to build a robust hybrid infrastructure in public and private clouds allowing the company to seamlessly connect applications across regions, according to the company.

GlobalFoundries also built an enterprise chatbot integrating Google Chat with multiple corporate and cloud applications and uses Boomi to support a mobile portal that connects with G Suite, a group of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools.

Boomi integrations consume auto machine learning (AutoML) APIs for data analytics and reporting Boomi’s power connects more than 150 trading partners, supports over 100 transaction types, and manages more than 1,000 composites, the company states.

Les Schwab Tires - USA

Les Schwab Tires, a tire company defined by its customer service, partnered with Boomi to modernise their customer experience and transform the way they manage data.

With changing customer demands, including letting customers use mobile apps to make appointments in real time, Les Schwab required integration on a massive scale, the company states.

The almost 70-year-old company also moved its point-of-sale (POS) systems to the cloud using Boomi’s iPaaS capabilities.

The success of the customer service integration, coupled with the platform managing Les Schwab’s HR data for 7,000 employees, the company soon expanded to other platform capabilities, including EDI management for trading partners, and using Flow and API Management to improve operational efficiency between employees and customers, according to the company.

With Boomi, Les Schwab Tires has achieved a faster digital transformation, aimed at increasing profitability and improving customer convenience via cloud-based application adoption, the company states.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) - EMEA

Jacobs Douwe Egberts’ coffee and tea portfolio are available in more than 140 countries. To support the 265-year-old company, JDE selected Boomi’s platform to integrate heterogeneous systems, support ecommerce sites customised by country and brand, and facilitate constantly changing promotions and customer surveys, while maintaining flexibility and reusability.

With Boomi, JDE has reduced its time to market for new products and promotions by 40%, as it gained precise control over onboarding new trading and logistics partners.

These gains also enabled JDE to launch a direct-to-consumer website in nine EU countries for its premium coffee brand.

Boomi also continues to play an important role in JDE's day-to-day transactions, such as order to cash, quote to cash, supply-chain management, and B2B data exchange, the company states.

Hydro Ottawa - Canada

As the third largest municipally owned electrical utility in Ontario, Hydro Ottawa maintains the electricity distribution systems in the Canadian province and serves over 335,000 residential and commercial customers.

Hydro Ottawa turned to Boomi to help transform its IT infrastructure, enabling them to pursue innovative projects while managing their day-to-day business more efficiently.

The utility had no capability to build integrations that moved data in real time or support a hybrid infrastructure of cloud and on premises applications.

With Boomi, Hydro Ottawa is building a highly available central hub to integrate essential systems. Already, Boomi has saved the utility thousands of dollars it originally planned to spend on upgrading infrastructure for its legacy technologies, the company states.

In addition, Boomi reduced the utility's integration development time in half, allowing it to integrate five systems with only one employee within five months of purchasing the solution, saving at least 50,000 Canadian dollars, according to the company.

The winners will receive a complimentary pass to Boomi World Tour London 2020.

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