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Datacenter.com recognised for EU energy efficiency

17 Jun 2019

Data- centre-as-a-service company datacenter.com has won an award from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre for its data centre facility in Amsterdam. The European Commission Joint Research Center oversees the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency. 

The Code of Conduct was created in response to data centres that often consume more and more energy, in an effort to help data centre operators reduce energy consumption in a cost-efficient way without impacting critical data centre operations.

Datacenter.com received the annual award from the European Commission because its Amsterdam data centre facility (AMS1) takes an energy efficiency approach to operations.

The Amsterdam location was designed for providing colocation for finance, media, cloud, telco and service providers, is the most energy-efficient data centre in Amsterdam. The data centre location offers 5.000 square meter of white space in Amsterdam South East, one of Europe's most network-dense locations, with a 50 millisecond reach to 80% of Europe. Datacenter.com recently announced expansion of the AMS1 facility.

Datacenter.com CEO Jochem Steman says the company is honoured to accept the award.

This award is a welcome proof that we took the right path which we have taken to reduce climate footprint as efficiently as possible,” says Steman.

“Energy efficiency is an important objective and commitment for Datacenter.com, not just an empty slogan. We use modular components with an adaptive control mode and we constantly monitor and measure the energy efficiency (PUE) of the data centre. Improving our data centre activities is necessary to create real sustainability and operational excellence''.

Recently datacenter.com signed the EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers as a participant.

“Information technology (IT) equipment and services consume over 8% of electrical power in the EU and produce about 4% of its CO2 emissions,” says Steman.

“The Paris climate agreement drives our industry to reduce the overhead of carbon waste. It is very natural for Datacenter.com to apply innovation to solve challenges like the reduction of energy waste.” 

“We do everything we can to reduce unnecessary costs and energy consumption for the data centre services we provide, and we will continue to do so. As Datacenter.com we confirm our support for the Paris climate agreement, which reflects the EU’s stated Code of Conduct for data centers Energy Efficiency.”

Datacenter.com says it maintains energy efficiency leadership in its data centers by implementing uniform methods, intelligent use of electrical power and air cooling in data centre facility operations.

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