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DE-CIX smashes data throughput world record

17 Dec 2019

Germany-based internet exchange operator DE-CIX has reportedly broken a new data world record after it successfully delivered data throughput with more than 8.1 Terabits per second – a full megabit more than the 7.1 Terabits delivered in the company’s previous record in September.

Eight Terabits per second corresponds to the simultaneous transmission of up to 1.8 million videos in HD quality or a data volume of approx. 1.8 billion A4 pages of text (a stack of paper close to 200 kilometres high).

“This record figure not only underscores our position in the global market, but also that of the FrankfurtRhineMain metropolitan region as one of the most important data hubs in the world,” comments DE-CIX chief technology officer Thomas King.

“We are very happy with the development that we have been able to observe for many years now with regard to data throughput and the customer response to it at DE-CIX in Frankfurt. This data record can be explained purely on the basis of the increase in the number of connected networks since the beginning of the year.”

“Here we were able to record an increase of more than 10 percent, which brings us to just under 950 connected networks. An additional factor coming into play is being in the season when Internet users particularly like to stream films or play online. All of these components contribute to such a record.”

In the timeframe of just a few weeks, data traffic has also increased by almost 14% at peak times, the company reports.

Generally, the data traffic at Internet Exchanges moves in waves and reflects the daily rhythm of Internet usage, beginning at 6 am and reaching its peak at around 9pm. Seasonal changes – in summer people tend to be online less than in the fall and winter months – can also be registered.

DE-CIX operates internet exchanges across Europe, India, the Middle East, Asia, and the USA. At the individual locations, Internet service providers, network operators, content delivery networks, and enterprises exchange data traffic on a cost-neutral basis through so-called “peering”, so that the data packets get to the recipient via the most inexpensive and fastest path.

DE-CIX also announced a partnership with interconnection and data centre provider Equinix this week.

The partnership will allow DE-CIX to move into Equinix’s IL2 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre in Istanbul.

By moving into Equinix’s IL2 data centre, DE-CIX will be able to leverage Equinix’s Metro Connect services to provide direct, dedicated, carrier-grade network links between Turkey’s MedNautilus subsea cable landing station and IL2. These cable systems enable accelerated traffic globalization and data consumption, as well as rapid growth of cloud and online services.

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