01 Oct 07

Want to optimise your customer’s server but don’t want to invalidate their warranty with Third Party memory?

Below we explain how you can have it all!

Duo is NZ’s most experienced distributor of Third Party server memory. We have been supporting the marketplace for over 11 years and the brand we represent, SimpleTech, is used in system critical applications by our clients in NZ and overseas.

Not all Third Party memory is equal; there are some very major differences.

Firstly, let’s talk about the product and where it comes from.  SimpleTech is manufactured in the US where they also manufacture, under contract, server memory for some of the largest brand name OEMs. The build and the material used are locked in, so they can guarantee 100% compatibility with the system we support. They only use A grade DRAM and all product is tested prior to shipping. They back this all up with a lifetime forward replacement warranty.

Next, delivery, and this is important as most projects require it now! We have the best record of supply and delivery in NZ. If  it’s not in stock, it’s usually only 3-4 days away.

Logistic spares are another difference, and we offer on-site spares when large upgrades are under way to give the customer peace of mind and no down-time.

Our navigation tool allows you to search old and new systems, and then get codes, prices and any install notes. All the important information is there, and as new systems are released, our configurator is updated.

So how can you help your clients reduce their cost of ownership while benefitting you? Help them save money and reduce risk - you will not void the warranty, as has been proven with the Magnuson-Moss act in the USA.  If you have a service contract with your client it makes it easier if the memory does fail. However, if it is held by another company then your clients need to remind them they are the customer and they work for them, not the system manufacturer.

Duo helps reduce the risk even further by building in a free Simple Support reimbursement program. In the unlikely event the memory does fail, we reimburse the cost of engineers’ time.

So if you want to help optimise your clients’ servers, reduce their cost, and provide them with greater choice and availability, talk to Duo.

PS: Don’t forget our Porsche Server promo either!

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