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Gamers v developers in 1000-person FPS challenge

17 Jan 12

A gaming technology development group in Sweden is attempting to set a world record for the highest number of players on one First Person Shooter (FPS) battlefield with a one-time-only playing of its game, Man vs Machine.

Pitting gaming fans (man) against developers (machine), the browser-based game has never been played before, but developers MuchDifferent are confident they will be able to host 1000 players at once when they attempt to break the record, on Sunday January 29 at 2pm CET (2am on Monday January 30 NZT).

According to the MuchDifferent website, the game runs on eight single-threaded servers that each handle a section of the battlefield. Any lag experienced by users will probably be a result of the physical distance from the Stockholm servers rather than difficulties with the technology, the group adds.

If you don’t mind staying up til 2am, you can go here to register to be part of the attempt.