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Google Wave riders vulnerable, Imperva says

13 Oct 09

Data security specialist company Imperva said that cybercriminals will be looking to exploit users of Google’s Wave technology, specifically Wave web searches.Imperva’s Chief Technology Officer Amichai Shulman said that there have already been reports of criminal hackers poisoning Google search results.Criminals hack into a large number of Web servers and inject malware references into the system using botnets and the second step of the attack is to promote pages infected with malware by hacking into web applications.He said that the problem facing the internet industry is that companies tend to dismiss the chance of being hacked due to a lack of public interest, but this will not be the case with Google Wave.“Contemporary hacking campaigns are highly sophisticated and are engineered to select popular search terms on Google and infect every possible target,” he said.He added: “The net result of this is that, although Google itself is relatively impervious to hacking attacks, the weakness of ancillary Web search result supporting technologies makes it possible to subvert user click throughs to land on infected pages.”