Half-finished War Z game causes controversy

20 Dec 12

A new zombie survival game has been taken off the digital shelf after fans realised it had been released half-finished.

War Z, touted by its Hammerpoint Interactive developers as “the world’s first survival mmo Zombie game”, along with claims that “you may have played Zombie Games before – now it’s time to live one,” was released a few days ago for purchase on Steam.

Build-up to the game included a list of features, for example claims there would be multiple servers, RPG elements and an open-world style game.

Well, it doesn’t have those features, according to those who paid for it; many have taken to forums to complain.

More complaints issued forth from those who had been hit with an apparently random ban, with anywhere between 250 and 500 players banned on December 14 alone.

When the complaints got too much, the War Z forums were locked down. Players were unable to register, threads were shut down, and anyone posting about the random bans had their posts deleted almost immediately by moderators.

It’s a bizarre occurrence, not helped by Hammerpoint general manager Sergey Titov who is standing by his game and offering no apology.

“We’re constantly running surveys to ask our players what they think – how we’re doing," he said.

"As of right now over 93% of our customers like the game, with over 40% saying it’s perfect and around 50% saying it’s good…yet, 4% don’t like the game and decided not to play it, and 3% hate the game.

"My point is that absolute majority of our players are supporting us, yet, yes, players who don’t like the game will be very vocal about it.”

While it is true the gaming community is a lot louder about bad games than good ones, there’s something very unusual about this incident, and it makes Hammerpoint seem like they’re just in it for a quick buck.

What do you guys think of the whole affair? Have you played War Z? Give us your opinions below.

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