IBM update: Outage continues

19 Feb 13

Yesterday's major outage at IBM's South Auckland data centre is continuing through out today, despite the company making the issue a high priority.

The outage, believed to be a hardware fault, struck at 3am Monday, and was still unresolved by close of the working day yesterday.

IBM released an official statement regarding the $80m data centre at the time, yet the company could not explain the problem, or when it was expected to be resolved.

"While working to resolve the outage of New Zealand Virtual Server Services, a new technical issue was experienced which continues to affect the delivery of this particular service from the data centre," an IBM spokesperson said today.

Leaving many businesses unable to work because of the fault, the technical services section of IBM’s New Zealand website was also struggling, unable to take requests due to technical difficulties.

Officially opened in May 2011, for the host of businesses currently affected by the data centre outage, some have suffered over 30 hours of website failures.

Stay tuned on Techday, as updates to the story will come through out the day.

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