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ICONZ launches new cloud hosting solution

26 May 11

With the help of both VMware and HP technology, the team at ICONZ have launched a new incarnation of their hosted server solution VERSA.

ICONZ has a number of hosting solutions under different brands aimed at different parts of the local marketplace. But up until the launch of its VERSA hosting platform in 2008, the company didn't have as stronger position for the more demanding hosting customers.

VERSA kicked off in 2008 with the ability for customers to quickly customise the specifications of the virtual machine they wish for ICONZ to provision. At the time this was revolutionary and was an industry leading offering.

The new offering will be known as VERSA S2 while the existing offering has been renamed VERSA Fc. These names have been selected to differentiate the new SATA or SAS solution from the existing fibre channel offering. Other enhancements have been made to the VERSA platform, to offer more customisation choices, four datacentre locations, additional security and enhanced backup options.

Those not au fait with similar solutions should not confuse these hosted servers (sometimes called hosted virtual machines) with the companies more streamlined web hosting solutions. A hosted server is a full virtual instance of your server running in the cloud (ICONZ's datacentre), it can be used for operating a number of server software applications including but not limited to web hosting.

More information on the companies new solution, can be read here.