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Kiwi fury as telco goes AWOL…

23 May 2014

Kiwis have been left incensed today as domain name reseller 24/7 Hosting NZ appears to have gone AWOL.

The Internet Service Provider, and reseller of Voyager Domain Names, has been out of contact with its customers for up to a month, with even Voyager failing to track down the company.

Self-proclaimed as “New Zealand's leading Web Hosting & Domain Provider”, the website claims to be “trusted by thousands of kiwi's and businesses since 2007.”

Yet following a month of chasing, nobody can confirm the whereabouts of the Auckland and Christchurch based firm.

“This business is a disaster,” wrote Greg Hahn on the company’s official Facebook page. “Phones are now disconnected.”

Echoing Hahn’s comments, Rob Purkis scathed (sic): “You have been scammed by a group of loosers these guys are just piggybacking off an old company that was owned by a little germ based in Australia but with the company name registered in NZ.”

Launched seven years ago by an unnamed “local Christchurch individual”, the company was purchased by the current management in 2010, focusing on Web Hosting, Domain Name and Data Centre solutions.

In July 2011, TVNZ’s Fair Go ran a story claiming that the company was run by “Caleb Finlay - or is it Caleb Carrington?

“Both names appear on Companies Office records, and we think they are the same guy, but via his lawyer he said Caleb Carrington is his father,” said TVNZ.

“Then the story was it's a legal name change. I've tried to clarify that, but with no success.”

Adding to the torrent of scathing emails heading the company’s way via social media, Kirsten Ruby Henderson added: “Must have gone bust or run away with all the money, phones no longer work and no longer getting response on the tickets, Caleb Finlay you ought to be disgusted the way your company runs.”

Help is on the way…

Following the news Voyager has moved to reassure disgruntled users, reporting on its official Facebook page: “24/7 Hosting customers can contact us directly for assistance with providing UDAIs for domains etc.

“While we can help with fixing Domain name Registration and Renewals, please understand that we didn't provide 24/7's hosting or email platforms, so we don't have access to customer data, but we will help customers get back up and running as best we can.”

The company has also emailed affected users;

We are writing to YOU as the Official REGISTRANT of the Internet Domain Name ?? that we believe you previously registered / purchased through 24/7 Hosting.

24/7 Hosting was / is a Domain Name RESELLER of Voyager Internet Ltd.

Voyager Internet Ltd is a fully AUTHORISED .NZ Domain Name REGISTRAR, and provides Top-Level Domain Name Registration services to a number of Wholesale companies (Such as 24/7 Hosting), as well as tens of thousands of other retail customers

Unfortunately, It has come to our attention that customers of 24/7 Hosting have been largely unable to contact the company over the last month, and recently it appears that 24/7 Hosting’s 0800 number has been cut off. Voyager has also been unable to make any contact with 24/7 Hosting directly for an explanation, despite our best attempts.

Because 24/7 Hosting has been un-contactable, many customers such as yourselves have been left without the ability to manage your Domain Name Registration & Renewals, Email Hosting, and Web-Hosting services.

Whilst Voyager does not currently provide your Email and Web-Hosting services (that has been / is being performed by 24/7 Hosting), we ARE the existing top-level Registrar of your domain name, and therefore if you require assistance concerning the registration or renewal of your domain name, we CAN help.

If you would like us to, we can set you up with an account with Voyager's main Domain Name Registration Retail brand - 1stDomains - so that you purchase your Domain Name Registration Services DIRECTLY through us, rather than through our RESELLER 24/7 Hosting.

Voyager can also provide your Domain UDAI (with proof of ownership of the domain name), in case you wish to move your Domain Name to another 3rd Party provider.

We regret to contact you under these circumstances, but there are many customers whose Domain Names, Email and Web-Hosting is being affected. If we can be of any other assistance regarding this matter, please contact us.

Email: Phone: 0800 2000 24

More updates to follow…

Are you a 24/7 Hosting NZ customer? If so get in touch in the comments below...

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