Locally-developed cloud launched

13 Oct 09

[UPDATED] Orcon today launched what it claims is New Zealand’s first locally-developed cloud computing service.Under its iSERVE brand Orcon launched the service for small to medium-sized enterprises that allows for flexible scaling and ‘on-demand’ pricing. Charlie Boyd, Orcon’s Head of Emerging Business said that servers and storage can be created and removed instantaneously and customers only pay for the time the service is in use.“This means businesses can save money on IT costs and worry less about constant server updates and other computing issues,” Boyd said. “And because we are NZ developed and supported we can offer competitive pricing in comparison to international companies.”Prices start at RRP six cents per hour per CPU and per 512MB of RAM.The company is also launching a new self-service virtual server product, which can be provisioned by the client in real time and customers can sign up instantly online. The entry price for the virtual server is RRP $99 plus GST per month for a single CPU, 512 Mb RAM, 15 GB storage and 25 GB traffic package. For more information, visit the website.[UPDATE] Since publishing the story we have been contacted by ICONZ, pointing out that they launched their flexible cloud solution branded VERSA in 2008.Orcon’s Head of Brands and Communications Duncan Blair said the company stands by its original statement, and said that by Wikipedia’s definition, a cloud is dynamically scalable, which he claims is the difference Orcon’s service has among other companies.“That’s the closest thing we’ve got to a commonly-expected definition of cloud computing and Wikipedia sort of talks about a dynamically-scalable technology solution,” he said.

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