Microsoft advert mocks rival fanboys

02 May 13

Microsoft has taken aim at the Apple and Samsung fanboys, in a light-hearted advert promoting the Windows Phone.

Keeping up the trend of fun-filled commercials, the software giant again didn't fail to disappoint, mocking the tech diehards associated with its industry rivals.

With a wedding underway, rival families go head-to-head in the church, arguing about whose device is better as members take photographs of the big day.

Branding Samsung 'large' and a 'one trick pony', a crazed man then rips off his shirt to reveal an Superman-esque Apple tattoo emblazoned on his chest, before it all kicks off.

In typical Hollywood style however, the fight is over-dramatised with cake flying and tempers flaring, as both sides battle for dominance.

Finishing the advert in a laid back style, two servers stand and capture the brawl on their Windows Phone, namely the Nokia Lumia 920.

With advert going live this week, it will be interesting to see if Apple or Samsung rise to the bait, let's hope for the sake of comedy they do.

Check out the advert below:

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