Microsoft extends Windows Server 2008 support

26 Sep 12

Microsoft has extended mainstream support for Windows Server 2008 by 18 months, while reminding customers Windows XP will retire by April 2014.

Windows Server 2008 was originally scheduled to move from free mainstream support to extended paid support on July 9 2013, but the software company has now pushed back the date until January 15 2015.

While company officials acknowledged the usual free support period for all Windows releases is five years, they insist the extension is not based on popularity, rather procedure.

"The Microsoft policy provides a minimum of five years of Mainstream Support or two years of Mainstream Support after the successor product ships, whichever is longer," Microsoft says.

"Modifications to the expiration dates for Windows Server 2008 are a result of the launch of Windows Server 2012, giving customers the additional 2 years of support."

The company also reiterated their stance on Windows XP, advising customers to jump ship before the cut off date.

"We recommend that customers running computers with Windows XP take action and update or upgrade their PCs before the end-of-support date," Microsoft says.

"If Windows XP is still being run in your environment and you feel that migration will not be complete by April 8, 2014, or you haven't begun migration yet, Microsoft is eager to help."

"The impact it will have on your environment, the resources that are available to help you get your migration effort under way, and legacy support options should be discussed with your Technical Account Manager or Microsoft Account Representative."

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