News: Apple's iTV, updated UI resources in 10.7.3, Droplr for Mac, and more!

07 Feb 12

The Globe and Mail, Canada's largest-circulation newspaper, reports that two of Canada's telecommunications companies already have their hands on the new Apple iTV. Additionally, The Globe and Mail says the new iTV is controlled via voice and hand gestures, presumably with an updated version of Siri or similar. Previously US retailer Best Buy had leaked information about a new Apple iTV, but they later clarified that by saying the survey was done by a third party. The Mac OS X 10.7.3 update brought a few small updates in the way of UI updates, and speculation says the new UI resources (in the form of a new hand for hovering over links, as well as a camera that appears when a window snap is prepared) are in preparation for the move to retina-display displays on Macs. Whether that will happen this year or not is another question entirely, however.


TUAW talks about Droplr, a really simple way to share files. The way it works is that you upload the file to a server, you get a link to that file, and then you can share that link as you wish.

Isolator is a Mac app that allows you to isolate one particular window at a time in order to make you focus on the task at hand. It can do this by blurring the background of every other window, or doing a few other effects.


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