News: Dropbox versus iCloud, iTunes cloud availability, Apple simplicity, and more!

03 Jan 12

Fantastic long-form reading from Wired, who go in-depth about Dropbox and how it squares off with Apple's own iCloud. Dropbox has been a great solution for keeping files in sync across different devices, and now iCloud does a very similar job although it's not quite as transparent as the Dropbox solution is. MobileMe was never designed for the cloud — but iCloud is the cloud, all the way. A handy Apple support article details iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match availability by country. Taking a glance over the list it seems residents of New Zealand can re-download everything bar TV shows again, and iTunes Match also seems to be available in your country — which is more than can be said for a few other countries on that list.  


Ted Landau from The Mac Observer tells us why Apple occasionally strays away from the simple. Buried within various iOS and Mac apps alike, there are sometimes things which perhaps aren't all that simple — but aren't Apple all about the simplicity?


Also from The Mac Observer, who says that a Lion-compatible version of Quicken for Mac is coming this Fall (Spring for those in the Northern hemisphere). Apparently the Quicken codebase is built entirely around the PowerPC processor, meaning that the code needs to be updated quite a bit to run on a completely newer architecture.


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