News: MacBook Air birthday, video pros moving away from Apple, iTunes Store previews, and more!

16 Jan 12

The past week or so has been a huge week in terms of Apple product birthdays and anniversaries, and this week seems to be no exception. The MacBook Air turned four just the other day, the ultraportable machine that was announced at Steve Jobs' last Macworld appearance and the penultimate Macworld Apple would actually attend. This is truly one of the times we can say Apple was ahead of the competition by four years — only now have competitors' ultrabook machines started to catch up. Ars spoke to a few video professionals, and their thoughts on Apple and professional-level video editing was "not good". It's not that Final Cut Pro X is all bad, per se, but that Apple seemingly don't care about the pro market — that much is evident with the lack of updates for the Mac Pro, as well as ignoring the guys that have been with Apple since the beginning.  


A small but welcome change has been noticed in the iTunes Store, which has now added popup previews for content. Simply hover over an app icon, click the little "i" button that appears, and voila, a small preview popup appears.

The Omni Group has published a blog post that details their Omni Sync Server usage stats. It's an interesting post that details how their sync server is being used, as well as detailing how more Omni apps will gain Omni Sync in the near future.


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