News: updated iMacs in June, no updates for Mac Pro users, iCloud overhead, and more!

10 Apr 12

Rumours are saying that updated iMacs with Ivy Bridge processors are set to launch in June, according to suppliers. The report also claims Apple will be using their new anti-glare glass on the new iMac, and there's also word about updated MacBook Pro models due at the end of the second quarter. As with all rumours, these should be taken with the requisite grain of salt — doubly so, seeing as the source MacRumors cites doesn't have a particularly good track record. Meanwhile, Mac Pro users are still stuck without any word on updates. At best, it was thought that the Mac Pro would receive an update when updated processors are released, but that date has already come and gone. Intel's Xeon E5 processors are already available, and yet nothing from Apple. Here's hoping the online store will be quietly update in the coming weeks.  


Wired has an exclusive look at Apple's new data centre, and from an angle you usually wouldn't see. Overhead photos of the area Apple has built their North Carolina data centre reveals two other areas: one possibly for a fuel cell centre to power the data centre, and another for a massive solar array.


Apple CEO Tim Cook was the highest paid CEO in the US in 2011, says The New York Times. Cook was paid $378 million, including his salary, perks, and bonuses in addition to stock grants.


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