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Nixu Solution slashes Cloud App delivery to seconds

24 Sep 12

Nixu Software has announced the Nixu Cloud IP Suite, the first dynamic solution for release parameter provisioning allowing IT departments to automate the manual steps associated with cloud application release.

The vendor says the new solution reduces the delivery time of cloud application deployment from weeks to milliseconds.

With its robust architecture that supports the next generation of multi-vendor environments, Nixu believes the patent-pending technology enables enterprises and managed service providers to integrate with existing SOA architectures and network infrastructure.

For the first time, companies have access to a turnkey cloud IP commissioning system which automates the provisioning of IP addresses, server names and other release parameters.

Unlike traditional methods involving manual configuration, Nixu says the Nixu Cloud IP Suite transforms the application delivery chain by speeding up the time-to-market without the need to redesign the existing production environment.

''As managed service providers and enterprises increasingly use the cloud to deploy applications, IT directors have become concerned about the long lead times associated with the manual configuration of release parameters,'' says Juha Holkkola, managing director of Nixu Software.

''Relying on manual processes is no longer feasible, because that can take up to several weeks.

"Our solution enables reliable automation of these workflows in multi-tenant cloud environments.''

Nixu Cloud IP Suite Features:

• Nixu NameSurfer: robust and reliable IP Address Management solution run by nine out of 10 of the largest service providers in the world. Powered with a patent-pending mechanism for release parameter provisioning and support for multi-vendor environments, it is the ideal IP commissioning system for multi-tenant cloud environments.

• Multi-vendor Support: based on open architecture with robust Application Programming Interfaces, simplifying integration with existing orchestration solutions. With native support for Microsoft Active Directory, Nominum, BIND and Nixu DDI, it also doubles as centralized provisioning solution integrated with the existing network infrastructure, and as a standalone Cloud IP Commissioning engine.

• Professional Services: To integrate Nixu Cloud IP solution with existing application deployment workflows and network infrastructure, Nixu offers professional services packages to simplify and speed up the implementation of the solution.

Nixu Cloud IP Suite Benefits:

• Robust API for reliable alignment with SOA-based application release workflows

• Integrates with existing solutions to eliminate discontinuities and to decrease complexity

• Designed for multi-tenant cloud environments with support for restricted real-time access to data

''Nixu’s solution fills a critical gap in the application deployment process'', says Paul Burns, president of research firm Neovise.

''By eliminating this key bottleneck, service providers can finally combine fine-grained control with scalability, while ensuring every application from every tenant is properly configured.''

Nixu Cloud IP Suite is available immediately. For more information, please click here.