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OneNet launches affordable offsite backup

14 Jul 10

OneNet has released a second online server backup service from its LiveVault offering with a smaller 75GB storage limit and lower cost.

“With a list price of just $125 + GST per server per month for up to 75GB of data, and a list price of $250 + GST for up to 250GB, a OneNet business partner is easily able to earn significant recurring monthly revenue", says Business Partner Manager, Steve Victor.

“At the other end of the spectrum, LiveVault now supports up to 7TB of data per server with the recent release of LiveVault 7.0.”

The firm says that Windows servers can be backed up 96 times per day with 15 minute incremental backups.

OneNet adds that its partners can make recurring revenue opportunities by offering the LiveVault backup service.

"A OneNet business partner can also charge for professional services for the setup and implementation on each server for their clients. They may even charge an ongoing maintenance fee to ensure that their clients’ backups are operational to their expectations from month-to-month,” added Victor.