PlayStation network attacked again

13 Oct 11

Sony was forced to suspend 93,000 user accounts on its PlayStation Network yesterday, following a surge in sign-in attempts most likely caused by hackers using a program to generate combinations of log-in names and passwords.

Most of the accounts were in the US and Europe; Sony says additional protections would have prevented the loss of any important information such as credit card data.

The network suffered a major attack in April, which saw hackers gain access to the Sony’s servers and databases. 

Sony was criticised at the time for waiting a week before telling users about the breach. It seems the company has learned from its mistakes, with chief information & security officer Philip Reitinger issuing a statement almost immediately, and users responding appreciatively. 

"Thanks for letting everyone know so soon," one person writes.

"It's better to be aware."

Go here to read Reitinger’s post.

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