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Smarter, More Cost Effective Technology Decisions Begin Here

26 Jun 13

Let’s face it.  No one wants to make costly technology mistakes.  Or look like they don’t know what they are doing. 

These days anyone running a business or responsible for their companies’ business technology have some complex and sometimes difficult decisions to make when taking their business to the next level.

And it’s not just a matter of making the right decision “for today” – it’s, “what impact does today’s decision have on business growth and technology needs in years to come”?

Intellium have an answer to all of these hard questions and decisions.  It comes in the form of a Technology “Roadmap” that starts “today” and lays out a clear and affordable path to a successful future.  And the good thing is, they have the people, the skills and the infrastructure to be able to implement the entire plan for you – from hardware, to networks, mobile technology and secure communications through their in-house Internet Service Provider.

When Dale Daniels, Trevor Fowler and Peter Tobin formed Intellium in 2008 it was on the back of many, many years in the IT industry  - In 1994 Dale co-founded  Cohesive a technology company that achieved a Top 5 ranking in the 2005 Deloitte Fast 50.  Trevor’s background is Service – and he led PC Direct award winning Technology Support team for many years. Both have a real passion for the industry and the expert team they have now built around them.  When Mark Taylor joined the company in 2012 he bought with him years of telecommunications experience in the UK and Australia. He also bought a then small but rapidly growing Internet Service Provider, which slotted the last piece into the Intellium puzzle – now the company services all aspects of the technology market - and it does so very quickly via a number of “Smart Technology” systems.

While the buzz word “Cloud” may be on everyone’s lips, how many people or companies out there really have the ability or “smarts” to deliver a fully integrated AND secure network solution - Server Replication, Offsite Backup Systems, Hosted Servers, VoIP, and Disaster Recovery Environments - The team at Intellium do it all and they do it nationally.   No matter where you or your company are located (and no matter how many branches or subsidiaries there are!) the “Smart Technology” Systems developed by Intellium can, and will, deliver a State of the Art Solution.

So  - next time you are faced with seemingly difficult (even impossible) technology decisions give Intellium a call on 0508 GO INTELLIUM or 0508 46 46 83. They will personally step you through a plan that will deliver a Smarter, more effective business to you with all the flexibility you need to grow at whatever speed you like.

Intellium - Simply Smarter Business…