Symantec envisions future clouds as safe clouds

09 Jan 13

Symantec believes companies will operate in a converged IT world of cloud, virtualisation and mobile computing where clouds are safe within the next five years.

Revealing their vision for safe clouds, the security solutions provider says IT organisations will have better visibility, control and compliance across their private and public clouds.

Today, the cloud landscape is rapidly changing according to a recent Symantec survey, which shows between public, private and hybrid deployments, 23% of business information globally is being stored in the cloud.

The company also believes advanced cyber attacks by governments and crime syndicates will likely target highly profitable data centers and high profile clouds

In the face of these new challenges, organisations of all sizes will need a rigorous cloud approach and industry leading partners to help navigate through the cloud complexities.

“Symantec has proven solutions with industry leading technologies to protect companies, information and people,” says Francis deSouza, group president, Enterprise Products and Services, Symantec.

“Wherever companies go with clouds, Symantec will provide the protection and control they need across public and private cloud environments.”

Symantec Vision for Safe Clouds:

Explosion of many interconnected clouds, architectures and cloud-connected devices

The proliferation of cloud-based applications and services will continue to grow as information explodes across IT networks, public and private clouds, mobile devices and other connected endpoints.

Companies are shifting to hybrid cloud environments operating in public and private clouds, either hosted on premise or off premise.

The cloud complexities increase specifically around protection, data management and control.

Clouds of the future will be safe, agile and efficient

With safe clouds, companies will transition confidential customer and sensitive business information to the clouds.

They will realise the full cloud benefits of increased security, data control and availability while users experience greater productivity and mobile-to-cloud accessibility.

In contrast, clouds will deliver improved scalability, affordability and compliance as compared to traditional data centers.

Clouds will be the new norm

IT will build new clouds and infrastructures from the ground up. Important workloads will shift from on premise to off premise clouds.

Companies will reap cloud benefits, cost savings and advanced protection as new business models, new use of technologies and new ways to interact with information become available.

As cloud computing advances, a need arises for specialized skills, policies and architectures. Companies will experience new demands around IT risk and compliance, governance, data privacy and regulatory requirements.

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