Vodafone NZ releases security statement

10 Jan 11

Following news over the weekend that Vodafone Australia was the victim of a serious security breach, which saw customers' personal details leaked, Vodafone New Zealand has moved (slightly sluggishly) to reassure its customers here in New Zealand that security is a top priority.

A statement just released reads:

Vodafone New Zealand Customer Information Security

Vodafone New Zealand is committed to ensuring that all customer details and private information entrusted to us is safe and secure at all times.

The Vodafone New Zealand customer database and applications are on servers with appropriate access security in place at various levels.

Access to these systems is for approved personnel only via an authentication procedure which requires more than a username and password.

In addition VFNZ has rigorous security policies and procedures including regular audits and security reviews which ensure our customers’ data remains protected.

All customer account access is monitored and logged.  Should any unusual activity be reported, it will be identified and investigated.

Vodafone New Zealand wishes to assure customers that we take the security of their information very seriously.

It is believed that the security breach didn’t include New Zealand customers, but the above statement does nothing to confirm that.

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