Web Drive: Why move to cloud servers?

06 Dec 12

By 2020, most people will work using web-based application instead of working with software on general-purpose computers.

That is according to Forrester Research, who echo calls for companies to switch to the cloud.

New Zealand's leading web host and cloud server provider Web Drive also agrees, revealing that 57% of kiwi organisations plan to increase their spending on cloud services.

Of which 40% will spend over 10% of their total IT budget on the cloud, further emphasising the need to move to cloud servers.

The Auckland-based company says the top criteria for businesses in New Zealand to move to the cloud centres on security, trust, reliability and support.

Established in 1997, Web Drive manages over 100,000 domain names for 25,000 business customers.

The 100% Kiwi owned company was ranked as one of New Zealand's 50 fastest growing companies in both 2006 and 2008, and offers their reasons why companies should move to cloud servers:

“The cloud requires no CAPEX or fixed contracts and allows for companies to pay for server resources as they are consumed.” says Robin Dicke, Web Drive GM.

According to Forbes magazine, 79% of companies say that cloud cost savings “have been on par with original estimates or even exceeded original estimates.”

“We believe the cloud improves scalability, reduces IT costs and offers easier management,” Dickie says.

For more information visit http://www.webdrive.co.nz/nextgeneration/

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