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Who am I?

01 Oct 09

A SMEG-head!

Steve Rielly has more than 16 years of experience with IT security and network consulting in New Zealand. He began  his career in network operations at Unitec Institute of Technology managing servers and infrastructure, including the  perimeter security environment.

His roles have progressed through global security vendors such as Trend Micro and Symantec. Now he’s pretty sure  that as Chillisoft’s Senior Security Consultant and Solutions Manager for Emerging Technologies, he’s close enough to  have SMEG on his business card. Here’s what he has to say:

I began working in IT security because… it’s always changing, always a new challenge, and the pay isn’t too  shabby either (and, apparently, to be an Air Force pilot required higher English marks and isn’t so focused on actually  being able to fl y – a great disappointment to the military!).

If I didn’t I work in IT… I would be pursuing a career as a top-ranked Formula One driver! It would be a piece of cake compared to dodging BMW drivers trying to make their way through Ponsonby to park where everyone can see  them!

When I’m not at work… I’m catching up with friends, most of whom conveniently work in the hospitality industry. I’m often found at... The Corner Store, Cartel, and always at The Whiskey Bar, because… although IT is a fun job,  and I have a great working environment, a good beer is one of the major food groups.

My dream would be… to retire in the Mediterranean, where I’d own and run a string of clubs and employ all the right  people from Auckland to run them, but… as a fallback plan, I’m investing into a high-return, seven-step financial program so that I can at least live out my days in Greece or Italy – the first step is ball number four!