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Who is kiwi software firm Delta Technology Solutions?

09 Dec 13

Here are a few things you mightn't know about New Zealand's own Delta Technology Solutions and their data monitoring services.

In an effort to assist IT support personnel everywhere, Rick Mulford, founder of Delta Technology Solutions, created the company - lending 25 years of experience in the Electronic and IT services industry in the process.

Here are eight things you didn't know about Delta Technology Solutions:

1. For enterprise-sized corporates, small business and home users alike, Delta offers 24/7/365 realtime monitoring of client data - including email traffic, online backup, risk assessment, threat analysis, and much more.

Convenient monthly or annual subscriptions to a range of online services mean no capital outlay or time-consuming management is required.

2. Delta Technology Solutions is trusted by government, corporate and other businesses all around the world, including companies and government departments with offices around the globe.

Much of this trust is as a result of Delta's ten year partnership with New Zealand and foreign governments to establish standards and set criteria around data protection and remote monitoring.

3. MOTHER (Monitoring Operations To Help Enterprises Remotely) and the DELTA Process are frameworks developed by Delta to dynamically collect, process and correlate data for customers to view in a dashboard format of their choosing.

These frameworks provide the backbone for all of Delta's monitoring services, allowing ongoing development of additional monitoring features.

4. Their suite of MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) solutions are based on the respected GFI technology platform, coupled with Delta's own unique security and backup tools and features.

This powerful combination and the ongoing local development to extend and improve the Delta framework ensures continuing improvements in the quality and range of Delta Technology Solutions data security offerings.

5. Delta Maxx AV protects servers and PCs from malicious threats and activity, an increasingly vital partner service for IT departments in today's BYOD environments.

Automatic remediation is taken immediately on detection to ensure customers' data is kept safe from harm.

6. DELTA Mail Protection service works with any operating system or mail server infrastructure, blocking junk email before it reaches customers' networks and thereby reducing bandwidth consumption and virtually eliminating chances of infection.

7. Firewall appliances and similar hardware are ineffective for hardware that's disconnected from corporate network protection, and against sophisticated hackers who can manipulate and extrapolate deep data.

In today's mobile and BYOD environments, Delta 360 includes a suite of tools to protect devices and sensitive data where ever they may be.

8. While the Delta platform is most cost-effectively and easily deployed as online services, equipment can be installed within customers' networks - whether that be in-house or at remote server farms - to comply with local laws or infrastructure and security policies.